Ed-Fi 3501

Selecting an Ed-Fi Platform Mode

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This course provides a detailed overview of the various deployment modes for the Ed-Fi Platform. We will cover the five modes available when deploying the Ed-Fi API: Year Specific, Instance Year Specific, Shared Instance, District Specific, and Sandbox.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this course are: 

  • Understanding the 5 deployment modes of the Ed-Fi Platform
  • Understand how the mode determines the relationship between the Ed-Fi API and the Ed-Fi API

Course Outcome 

By the end of this course, Academy students will be able to:  

  • Communicate the Ed-Fi Platform mode that works best for their use case. 

Who Should Enroll 

  • LEA platform managers 
  • Data providing vendors who plan need an Ed-Fi Platform sandbox 
  • Data consuming vendors 
  • Education service centers and collaboratives 
  • State education agency platform managers 

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