Ed-Fi 251

Technology Providers Playbook

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This course provides K-12 Technology Providers information to help them understand the major aspects of building data system integrations using Ed-Fi based API standards. 

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this course are: 

  • Understand the technology provider Ed-Fi journey
  • Understand the resources available to vendors building an Ed-Fi integration
  • Understand the role of Ed-Fi certification and badges
  • Know the experience-based best practices that support a successful implementation
  • Understand common integration challenges

Course Outcome 

By the end of this course, Academy students will be able to: 

  • Get started with their Ed-Fi ODS/API implementation following guidance and best practices
  • Access documentation, training material, planning material, technology, and other resources to begin their journey
  • Avoid common pitfalls

Who Should Enroll 

  • Technology provider team members, primarily software developers and business analysts. Product leads may find this information useful. 

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