Ed-Fi 231

Advanced Implementation Capabilities Framework

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This advanced course is designed to walk cross-functional teams through the completion of an Implementation Capabilities Framework review process. Participants will learn how to leverage a team with the appropriate expertise and skills to conduct the review process and develop a roadmap for implementing a well-designed and well-used information and reporting architecture with Ed-Fi as a key component. The course includes a set of resources designed to assist participants in identifying their strengths, challenges, and priorities in the areas of organizational leadership and management, technology systems, and data usage within program areas (e.g., teaching and learning, education faculty).

Course Outcome 

By the end of this course, Academy students will:  

  • Reflect on the ICF readiness survey results as a team and develop a consensus assessment for the learner’s organization.
  • Conduct an ICF action step review to reflect on their implementation phase and identify possible next steps.
  • Complete a Strengths, Challenges, and Priorities analysis to prioritize next steps.
  • Craft a roadmap that documents the next actions that will be completed to develop the capabilities of the learner’s organization, what capabilities they will strengthen, who is responsible, and the timeframe for the action.
  • Create a communications plan to help audiences understand and stay informed about the implementation project.

Who Should Enroll 

  • Cross-functional team leaders and team members from Local Education Agencies, State Education Agencies, Collaboratives, or Educator Preparation Programs with expertise and/or responsibility for Organizational Leadership and Management, Technology Systems, and Data Usage within Program Areas (e.g., Teaching and Learning, Educational Faculty). 
  • Service providers and consultants who wish to support Ed-Fi implementations using proven best practices. 

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