Ed-Fi Admin App

The Ed-Fi Admin App is a web application that allows for the administration of an Ed-Fi Platform instance. The Admin App supports Ed-Fi Platforms deployed in Year-Specific, District-Specific, and Shared-Instance modes. Deployments using Sandbox should leverage the Ed-Fi Sandbox Administration Portal. Instance-Year-Specific is not supported at this time.

Below are some of the features of the Admin App:

  • Creation of vendors and their respective applications
  • Ability to manage claim sets, defining what resources are available for a respective application
  • Ability to create local education agencies and schools
  • Ability to retrieve descriptors from an Ed-Fi ODS instance
  • Ability to sync learning standards from Academy Benchmarks into an Ed-Fi ODS instance
  • Ability to bulk load XML data

In this section we are going to build some background knowledge related to various Ed-Fi concepts and then apply that knowledge to create Ed-Fi API credentials in the Admin App.