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Course Overview 


This foundational course provides a solid grounding in the practical details of Ed-Fi data management and integration. This course will also introduce two essential tools to assist with data management: Data Import is used to load data into the Ed-Fi ODS via the APIs, and Analytics Middle Tier makes it easier to build visualizations and reports. This course includes technical content, but it is suitable for technologists of all skill levels.

Who Should Enroll 

  • Data engineers and technical analysts who use Ed-Fi technology to integrate systems.
  • Technologists who want a detailed understanding of Ed-Fi integration patterns and available toolset.

Course Outcomes 

By the end of this course, Academy students will:

  • Understand the benefits of adopting the Ed-Fi Data Standard.
  • Know what’s necessary to integrate data from a system that lacks Ed-Fi integration.
  • Understand what’s possible once data is flowing through an Ed-Fi Platform.